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Azzi Shirazi
The Hero of Reno
Azzi works with citizens like you to make Reno a better place.
AZZI SHIRAZI for Reno Mayor
Vote June 12th. 
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My Vision For Reno
Imagine a city surrounded by beautiful mountains, four seasons to enjoy outdoor activities, parks and hiking trails to frequent, dog parks, and shopping malls. Imagine, waking up feeling safe and secure in your neighborhood. Imagine, a city government you can trust and people who care about your well being in a poplution of 300,00 and growing.

You don’t have to imagine. I, Azzi Shirazi, promise to deliver a Reno with safe streets, green parks, better education systems, and job opportunities.

Vote for a leader.
What has Azzi done so far?
Azzi has worked with numerous non-profits and charities including:
     Charter School Encompass Academy
     Women and Children
     Rotary Club
     Homeless Shelter on Record St
     Swan Lake Recovery Committee
     and Donated Real Estate to the Homeless.
Azzi Shirazi Speaks at the Republican Men's Club
  •  The Second Amendment
  •  Improving the City's Look and Feel
  •  Small Business Development
  •  Diverse Job Force
  •  Investing in Education
  •  Investing in Police, Fire Department & Parks
  •  Affordable Housing
  •  Small Community Feel
  •  Public Transit & Avoiding Traffic Congestion
  •  Higher Taxes
  •  Frivolous Spending
  •  Ineffective Job Roles in Government
  •  Urban Sprawls
  •  Cutting Police, Fire Department & Park Budgets
  •  Unnecessary Development
  •  Funds used for Art Works in the City
My Vision for Reno
April 13, 2018
My vision for Reno stems from how I think people would enjoy living in a city. People would enjoy safer streets, no vagrancy, job opportunities and better educated citizens. That means the Reno city government must control the budget to only invest in areas that better the city as a whole. Developments should be approved only if there is a need and the location would not disrupt the citizens already living in the area. Furthermore, developments should be carefully planned and all possible problems must have viable solutions before a permit is given. The police department would need more police officers and more locations. The fire department and hospitals also need to increase in quantity. Smaller facilities would allow for an effective infrastructure to satisfy the needs of all citizens. The university should be the city's top priority besides job growth. A successful university brings diversity of residents and more educated individuals. Lastly, small businesses should be promoted to prosper more than corporations. Corporations only pay taxes to help a city and employ people. But small businesses differ in how they treat people and since the owners live in the city they have more accountability to take of their neighbors and fellow peers. Corporations do not have the same empathy when it comes to relocating to a city. Corporations can hurt the city economy at times. My vision for Reno is to support citizens in having a life they love in a city that is safe, successful, and prosperous.
My Beliefs
March 26, 2018
My beliefs come from a philosophical foundation based on individual fiscal responsibility. I believe every person has a responsibility to themselves to do right by God, to take every opportunity they are given to make the most of their lives, and to be a good law abiding citizen in society. "Individuals, not government, can make the best decisions; all people are entitled to equal rights; and decisions are best made close to home."- NevadaGOP.org
March 26, 2018
I am running for Reno mayor to add a vote on city council that represents the neglected and ignored citizens of Reno.
My Story
March 25, 2018
My story begins with buying property in reno and attending city council meetings regularly. I chose to help nonprofits and charities because i cared about growth in a developing economy. I chose to donate housing to the homeless because I want to give second chances. I chose to help any and every citizen who is helping reno become a better place to live.

I did not choose this life of public servitude. It chose me. People find me and I want to help where it is needed. My dream is to have a Reno citizens are proud to call home.
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Serving The Community
Azzi Shirazi works with nonprofits, charities, faith based groups, women and children centers, and homeless shelters. She wishes to continue her life purpose in public servitude as Mayor of Reno
United By A Common Goal
Azzi Shirazi wants to see a Reno that has sustainable growth, a prestigious university, business development for local entrepreneurs, and a safer downtown area to be enjoyed by all.  
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